Clothing from the Kate Razz brand was created in 2019 in Odessa and aimed at women who are not afraid to show themselves and stand out from the crowd
About us
The main focus of my collections is unconventionality, but comfort is also a priority. In my opinion, clothes should fully match the mood and feel like part of the body. There are many "transformer" elements in my collection. Many of the details in the looks are removable, so every woman can be her own designer and "play" with the looks depending on her mood.
Also, in every look of Katerazz woman, regardless of age, nationality, or type of appearance, can find something close to herself. A variety of models have been designed to emphasize the "universality" of the look.
Every woman is beautiful and ready to gracefully spread her wings, freeing herself from her tight cocoon, dazzling all-around with her uniqueness and femininity!
With the help of my creations, I want to convey every woman's happiness to be herself. In a world of copies, it's so great to be different!
"Transformer clothes" - this concept is present in most of the outfits in my collection. This means that when you buy clothes from the collection, you can easily mix and match them, combining different details of the outfit to create your unique style.
Nowadays, when customization and individuality are the key elements in the fashion industry, I think the idea of transformer clothing is more relevant than ever.
I can't say that the source of my inspiration for creating the looks was anything or anyone. I remembered my closet, all the outfits I had, and I realized that my style changed depending on my mood and the time of year.