Privacy Policy

This Policy applies to Personal Data that We receive from or about You from the following sources: website
2.Pages in social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram.
3.Email, text and other electronic messages.
4.Registration forms, electronic or paper, that we collect through the mail, during in-store events and other promotions or events.
5.Interacting with our advertisements (for example, interacting with our advertisements on a third-party website).
6.Data created during our interaction with you, such as information about your purchases on our site.
7.Data from other sources such as social networks.


1.Personal contact information. Your name, postal address, e-mail, social network data, phone number.
2.Account login details. Any information required to access your account. For example, your email address, username, your password and/or a test question and answer.
3.Data transmitted automatically. When visiting our site: IP address, information about the browser, duration of stay on the site, address of the site from which the transition was made, etc.
4.Demographic information and interests. Information that describes your demographic and behavioral characteristics. For example, your date of birth, age or age range, gender, geographic location, hobbies and interests, and family or lifestyle information.
5.Information about the use of the site. When interacting with our site or newsletters, we use automatic data collection technologies: information about which links you follow, which pages or content you view and for how long, statistics of your actions. This information is captured by cookies and web beacons, and is also collected by third parties for tracking purposes for analytical and advertising purposes.
6.Content you create and then share with us on social media.
7.Information from social networks. Any information that you share publicly on a social network or information that is part of your social network profile.
8.Payments. Information we need to fulfill orders or that you use to make a purchase. We process payment and financial information in accordance with applicable legislation, regulations and security standards.
9.Personal data about persons under the age of 18 is not collected.


In accordance with applicable law, we will use your Personal Data for as long as is necessary to achieve the purposes for which your Personal Data was collected within the limits of applicable law.


We take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and secure storage of your Personal Data. These safeguards do not apply to information that you choose to make public by posting on social media.

Your Personal Data will be processed by our authorized employees or authorized agency employees depending on the specific purposes for which your Personal Data was collected.

We store your Personal Data in an operational environment using appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access.


The client (site user) has the right to:

1.Use all the technical capabilities of the site.
2.Have access to any public information posted on the Site.
3.To preserve his personal data from third parties under the conditions determined by the current legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
4.Use information from the site for personal and non-commercial purposes.

The client (site user) undertakes to:

1.When registering, indicate and post public, reliable personal data.
2.Use the Site only for purposes that do not contradict the agreements between the Client (User) and Kate Rezz, the current legislation of Ukraine and the principles of reasonableness and morality;
3.Be responsible to third parties for your actions or inaction when using the Site.

The Client (Website User) is prohibited from:

1.Incite religious, racial or ethnic enmity.
2.Take actions aimed at misleading other users.
3.To carry out actions that violate the honor and dignity, rights and freedoms of any person.
4.Register an account on behalf of a third party or on behalf of another person.
5.Make your account and/or login and password from your account available to third parties.
6.Post materials of an advertising, erotic, pornographic or offensive nature.
7.Post information that violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties (including posting photos and videos, the main object of which is a person, if this person did not consent to the posting of photos or videos with his participation on the Site).
8.Post computer viruses or programs capable of interrupting or disrupting the normal functionality of computer equipment and software, as well as means of telecommunications of any persons;
9.Any use of information from the site for commercial purposes.


Kate Rezz has the right to:

Establish, change and cancel the regime of confidential information in writing in accordance with current legislation.

Kate Rezz undertakes:

1.Use information constituting a commercial secret and/or confidential information for own needs in a manner that does not contradict the law.
2.To allow or prohibit access to information that is confidential information, to determine the procedure and conditions of access to this information.
3.Enter into civil circulation information that is confidential on the basis of contracts that provide for the inclusion of conditions on the protection of the confidentiality of this information.
4.To demand from legal entities and individuals who have gained access to confidential information, state authorities, other state bodies, and local self-government bodies to whom confidential information has been provided, compliance with the obligations to preserve its confidentiality.
5.Require persons who have gained access to confidential information as a result of actions taken by accident or error to maintain the confidentiality of this information.
6.In the event that the Client posts information on the Site or performs other actions that do not comply with the provisions of the current legislation of 7.Ukraine and this Privacy Policy, without notice and at its own discretion, delete all or part of the information posted by the client, including information for which it is difficult to determine its compliance with the law.
8.Change the Privacy Policy to further improve the security system in accordance with current legislation.
9.Send advertising information messages to the Client. In the event that the 10.Client wishes to refuse to receive mailings from Kate Rezz, he must notify Kate Rezz in any way convenient for him.
11.To protect his rights in the manner established by current legislation, this policy, labor and civil law contracts in the event of disclosure, illegal receipt or illegal use by third parties of information that is confidential information, including demanding compensation for damages caused in connection with the violation of his rights .

In order to protect the confidentiality of information, Kate Rezz employees, who have access to it in accordance with the specifics of their work functions in these legal entities, are obliged to:

Undertake a written Nondisclosure Agreement or sign an NDA.
Follow Kate Rezz's privacy policy.
Not to disclose information that constitutes confidential information containing the Client's personal data, and which are owned by Kate Rezz, and not to use this information for personal purposes without their consent.
Not to disclose the above confidential information after termination of the employment contract (contract).
Indemnify the Client for damages if the employee is guilty of disclosing information constituting confidential information that became known to him in connection with the performance of his work duties.

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